“On Sunday 17th November, IT Tender formalized the Feeding Program partnership with Jesus Our Hope (JOH) Church in Sucat. IT Tender has been working with JOH for several years in the area of Sucat but the feeding program is a new step for them.┬áJOH will be running the program for 50 children from local communities every Saturday and Sunday afternoon for 6 months.” Read more here …

Why only two days per week? Because the purpose of ITTender’s feeding program is not to create dependency in the community on outside resources. Instead, it is to demonstrate the improvement in health when even just two meals per week are more nutritious. The team also works with families to plan how they can provide more nutritious meals within their extremely limited financial means.

The height, weight and other health indicators of the children are noted at the beginning, middle and end of the six month program. Invariably, significant improvement is evident even within such a short timeframe.

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