03 Aug 2014
August 3, 2014

Learning to Serve

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1Megan Davie and Lizzy Fretwell from our UK partner church Stopsley Baptist Church joined us at IT Tender for the months of June and July. Here is a little insight into what they have learned…

“During my 2 month stay in the Philippines working with IT Tender I have learned a lot but one of the main things I have been inspired by is the youth. Gabby runs a bible study once a week for the teenage boys living along the railway, many of them have younger brothers and sisters in the Feeding Program. A few of these boys have asked if they can help with the Feeding Program by bringing the food to the basketball court three times a week. Some of these youth got the chance to attend a camp where they learned about God, the Bible and some general life skills and since returning from there have decided they want to stop smoking and using bad language.

These boys don’t have much but are so willing to give back because of the care and love IT Tender has shown them. They want to know about God and serve in the same way which they’ve seen volunteers from IT Tender serve. Their willingness to get involved and give is something I hope to take back to England with me.”

–     Megan Davie


“Over the last two months working with IT Tender, the thing that has struck me the most about the way the team works is that they put their all into everything they do. I’ve seen this especially while helping with the Friday evening Night Life. Most of the staff have already done a full day’s work before the session starts at 7pm but will still put all their energy into playing with the kids, preparing the food and teaching. Even though the session can run until 9 or 10pm the staff are committed throughout to making sure these kids have the best time, even though towards the end they are probably exhausted.

You can see that the attendees really value the effort that is put into each session as you never have to worry about latecomers. Many of the children and youth programs I’ve seen at home often have an ‘official start time’ and then an ‘actual start time’ about half an hour later when the children or young people have managed to turn up, but not at Night Life! Most of the kids are jumping around outside at 6:30pm begging the team to let them in so that the session can start. I think that alone shows how valuable this group is to these kids and young people. They can’t wait for it to start so that they can have a shower, a meal and hopefully some fun! The children are so grateful for the staff putting this group on that they often stay to help wash and clean up at the end.

I’m really going to miss being a part of this team but they have inspired me to make my best effort when serving, even if I am exhausted and don’t feel like it. People can see when we’ve put an effort into what we’re doing and on the whole are grateful for that. But more importantly God has called us to serve and he deserves our best effort. I think IT Tender act upon “what you have done for the least of these you have done for me” and that is what we are all called to do. If they have taught me one thing it is that serving God and others should be our first priority and that we are blessed when we bless others.”

–        Lizzy Fretwell

7“Hygiene Day and Celebrations”

By Karin Jose

There are two things you might not think would mix well: hygiene education and parties. But let me inform you, they do! On July 19th, our Food For Life children and Night Life Putatan youthjoined us for a morning of interactive hygiene activities followed by a party bonanza for staff and client birthdays and a farewell for Danish missionaries Martin and Janne Rask. And we had FUN!

The children and youth who are part of our programs live in communities where cleanliness and good hygiene standards can be difficult to maintain. Teaching them why it’s important to keep good hygiene standards can make a significant difference in their health and overall wellbeing, especially if once sick, buying medicine is not something a family can afford.


Cecille and Jam teach proper hygiene


Kids practise washing their hands


Groups make posters about the importance of hygiene



Lorna and Tracy give out the party lunch

After our morning session, we ate our party lunch of fried chicken and spaghetti. During this time an impromptu dance competition started between the children and this provided much entertainment for all the gusts and helpers! We then played some traditional British party games in honour of birthday girl and Food For Life Coordinator Karin Jose (from England). There were prizes for all and July birthday celebrant Nicolainne won the grand prize in our“pass the parcel” game.

Before the children and youth left they all received a slice of cake and a hygiene kit containing toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and a comb. To summarise the day in numbers wehad: 50 children, 20 youth, 7 staff, 11 international volunteers, 3 cakes, 90 servings of Jollibee spaghetti and chicken, prizes galore and 70 hygiene kits. Phew!

IT Tender would like to extend a special thanks to Stopsley Baptist Church in Luton, England for sponsoring the Hygiene Morning and providing supplies for the hygiene kits.

Things we are thankful for:

*Janne and Martin Rask for coming and sharing their lives and skills with us for 6 months
*Short-term visitors: Charlotte Brown and Tracy De La Haye from England, Micah Witt from Canada, and Megan Davie and Lizzy Fretwell who have been with us from the UK for two months
*Hygiene Day
* Provision of more packaged food for the Food For Life feeding program from our partners at Action International
*Out staff and team are all safe and well following Typhoon Glenda

Things we would appreciate prayer for:

*Safe arrival of more short-term visitors from Canada and the UK
*Safe travel for Megan and Lizzy as they return home to the UK at the start of August
*Families whose houses were affected by Typhoon Glenda

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  1. We miss our short-termers!! Come back soon Charlotte, Tracy, Micah, Megan, Lizzy, Janne and Martin. Our kids are always asking about you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a part of your lives with them!


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