12 Nov 2014
November 12, 2014

Make it Simple

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Make it Simple
By Cecille De Jesus, SLC Teacher


SLC students take their writing activity seriously in the classroom

Learning, reading and counting are some of the fun things the children enjoy at Simula Learning Center (SLC). To keep the classroom lively we also use singing, dancing and games to help the students actively learn. Applying these techniques also makes subjects easier to understand.

Completing this school year at SLC is not enough if the children don’t make a very important leap: to step up to the next level of their education: writing! Writing is the hardest part of learning for young children and it requires a lot of patience from the students, parents and teacher.

To help them learn, SLC uses a two-way process of teaching . Step one involves repetition and guidance by the teacher in the classroom, then step two is a simple assignment to be completed at home with parents or older siblings on hand to assist.


Being taught and guided by parents; completing writing assignments at home

After one month of implementing this model, we have seen good results from the children; they can now form letters without tracing a pattern and they are no longer struggling to practise their writing inside the classroom. As their teacher, I can see how serious they are in completing their writing lessons. This model of a two way process also shows the children and families the importance of time spent at home and guidance of the parents for their studies and getting the most out of their education.

Please pray for our students as they continue their learning at SLC in preparation for their kinder-level education next school year in official public schools.


Here in Manila Filipinos have been celebrating the lead up to Christmas since September! With the excitement building, the children in our programs (and the IT Tender staff) are all getting excited because….IT’S PARTY TIME!! On December 6th IT Tender, in partnership with Extreme Response, will be hosting it’s annual Christmas Party. This year we will be hosting one large ‘Traditional Filipino’ themed party for 150 children. We are all super excited and thank you in advance for your generosity in financially supporting our children to attend this special event.
Any additional funds raised will go towards supplying children and their families with Christmas groceries and/or go towards our Family Camp 2015
  • The wedding of John and Jam Coffey; what God has joined together may no man separate. Pray for the start of their marriage and ministry together
  • We are coming to the completion of our one-year feeding program, praise God for all His provisions over the past 12 months and the relationships the team has built in the community and with the children in the program
  • The partnership we now have with Muntinlupa Community Church where some of our youth and children are now attending
  • Sasha Austin-Seade who has been with us from England since September and who has just finished a wonderful short-term trip
Congrats J&J
  • Wisdom and Blessings for the newlyweds Gabby & Jizza fresh from their wedding on November 7! We hope to show pictures soon
  • Fundraising for the IT Tender Christmas Party

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