03 Dec 2014
December 3, 2014

Feeding the Stomach, Mind, and Soul

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The Food For Life program in the Putatan community has just completed a year of joy, fun, challenges, laughter, sharing, exhaustion, and LOTS of sweaty hugs from the Food For Life children.

To write down all that the Lord has done through this program, what the IT Tender team has learned, what we have struggled with and been blessed by over the past 12 months would result in an incredibly long article, so instead, here is the Food For Life year in NUMBERS:

  • 50 = number of children enrolled in Food For Life on November 2013
  • 12 = number of months of the program
  • = number of IT Tender staff working on the FFL program
  • 842 = number of “Feed My Starving Children” Manna Packs received from our partner Action International
  • 6,900 = number of meals cooked (and therefore number of bowls, cups and spoons washed!)
  • = average height gained per child in inches
  • = average weight gained per child in pounds
  • 46 = number of children who completed the Food For Life pgoram
  • 45 = number of children who gained weight
  • = number of special activities held for the children (Family Day, field trip to the Mind Museum, Nutrition & Hygiene Seminar for parents, Hygiene Day for children, mom’s breakfast social, Graduation, and two Christmas parties)
  • 30 = number of chairs purchased and donated by the Vice Mayor of Muntinlupa
  • 27 = international volunteers and visitors that have come to spend time with our kids
  • = local sponsors/donors of the FFL program
  • 2 = the number of children from FFL now enrolled on our Sponsor A Child Now program

IT Tender would like to thank SO many people, all of whom have had an important role to play:

  • Action International  for trusting us to run this program and for your ongoing support and encouragement, especially from M’am Becky
  • Feed My Starving Children  who provide the food!
  • The Hussey Family – for all your time, prayers and sacrifice which has enabled FFL to run over the past 12 months and for sharing the 1st birthday celebration of your daughter with our children
  • M’am Ana Ordenes, Miss MJ and Miss. Mira from the Putatan Health Center for all your help, experience, advice and time, and for loving the children of Muntinlupa
  • The Honorable Vice Mayor of Muntinlupa, Temi Simundac for your donation of chairs
  • Ate Baby – for your support and contributions to the Food For Life program
  • M’am Rosanna, President of Bruger Subdv. Homeowners Assoc, for your support of the program and helping us where possible so that our program could run as smoothly as possible
  • ALL OUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS who are too many to name!
  • The IT Tender team, for the teachers Jam, Cecille, John, Gabby, our driver Manny, and a special thanks to Lorna who did not miss a single session and who cooked those 6900 meals (!) and for Karin, who washed those 6900 dishes (!)
  • Friends and supporters who have prayed for us and the children, and who have sent or donated gifts for the children
  • Extreme Response International, Extreme Response Children’s Home Manila and the Mind Museum, Taguig who helped fund and host several of our special activities for the children

Group Shot – Graduation, November 2014


Teacher Gabby – January 2014


William and Chars helping their younger siblings


FIELD TRIP! On our way to the Mind Museum, May 2014


Martin from Denmark (who volunteered with his wife Janne for 6 months) with Rosary


The reason Food For Life exists: Bea Rose, Ereckson & Edmar

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