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Don’t just treat the illness, treat the patient…

Children and youth from IT Tender become patients in our recent medical and dental mission. The “Section 1” team (a group of talented doctors, dentists, and assistants) partnered with IT Tender and the Extreme Response Children’s Home to run this ambitious mission. Our children received free medical care, dental cleanings, doctor prescribed medicine, clothes, toys and food for them and their parents/caregivers. Grateful parents and healthy children testified that the event was a great help. We pray that we can host more medical missions like this in the future.









January 23 is a special date, and this year Jam celebrated her 23rd birthday on the 23rd (i.e., her “golden birthday”). With a heart of gold, Jam threw a party for the street children on her day. The girls from our kids programs showed up in their best dresses. Each one surprised Jam one at a time with a flower while John seranaded her with a love song. The festivities included games, prizes, Jollibee spaghetti, cupcakes, souvenirs, song numbers, and heartfelt speeches from children, staff and family.







Finally, we have a great opportunity coming up for our teachers at IT Tender. In April, the award-winning and renowned Institute for Foundational Learning (IFL) is running a two-week intensive training program in Manila for preschool teachers. I attended this two-week course five years ago and was amazed by how they compiled the most important things I learned from teacher’s college into one short, efficient course including practise teaching. Our prayer is to send two of our teachers – Jam Coffey and Cecille De Jesus – to undergo the training this April. For only $100 (4,000 pesos) you can send one teacher to this two-week training (including food and accommodations!). We also need to raise $560 (22,500 pesos) to purchase the complete set of teaching materials, manuals, and supplies from IFL for our preschool. Click here to give a donation as low as $5 to contribute towards the training and educational materials for our preschool. We are also praying for our partners at Youth Mobilization (YM) who are hoping to send three teachers to the training but lack the funds to do so. We thank you for your support!

God bless you and your loved ones,

John & Jam

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