31 May 2015
May 31, 2015

Family First

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👍(“Like”)Learning – IT Tender’s Reading Camp

By Gabby Malquisto

From April 13-24, IT Tender held a two-week reading camp called 👍Learning (or “Like Learning”) for a handful of youth who need to improve their basic reading and writing. The reading camp focused on street youth living along the railway in our outreach community of Putatan. Most of these youth work as scavengers in the evening to help earn for their families. Others help to cook, clean and care for younger siblings.

The lessons were to help those who aren’t fully familiar with alphabet letters and sounds. With the help of Teacher Anna – an IT Tender volunteer who teaches at a local elementary school – we gathered the youth from Night Life, did assessments and interviews, and enrolled eight students that are behind in literacy.

For two weeks, the youth focused on the basics: familiarizing letters, phonetics and basic writing exercises. Through this approach we were able to help them even in a short period of time. We are so blessed to see them persevere even thought it was tough, particularly with the added heat of the Manila summer. They all did great.

1aaaaaaaaaaaa STORY!!!

Sonny (left) focused on a writing exercise


Sonny is a 19-year-old boy who has never been to school. He has never met his parents and relies on scavenging to survive. As a young child his parents left him on the doorstep of a church, and another family living on the street took him in. Because of his tough life situation, he has grown accustomed to life on the streets and has no former education, but none of this has affected his desire to learn. 👍Learning was a struggle for Sonny, but the team and his fellow students celebrated with him in his achievements. Seeing him be able to identify, correctly pronounce and write down letters was such a joy. Sonny wants to continue learning and he gave his best in the reading camp having perfect attendance and receiving an award for the most hard-working student.

Please pray for Sonny, and pray that we are able to assist him in furthering his education. He sees IT Tender is a source of encouragement as he continues to face and overcome his daily struggles.


Family Retreat 2015

By Karin Jose

From May 1-3, IT Tender hosted a family retreat for almost 100 students, siblings and parents from the Sponsor-A-Child program. The prospect of missing the live action of the Manny Pacquio boxing match on TV (which is a REALLY big deal in the Philippines, as Pacquio is an inspiration for most Filipinos) did not stop anyone from attending, and we had such an amazing time. We enjoyed three days of family bonding, sun and sea, karaoke, family team-building games, dancing, seminars, cooking, eating, and did we mention fun?

Here are a few testimonies from the families and snapshots from the weekend…

“First of all I give thanks to God because my family is so happy. Thank you so much, especially to all the sponsors, you are an extremely great help to our family. Thank you also to the staff of IT Tender. My family wants to thank you because we were able to experience the joy and peace of this camp. We hope we can do it again! God bless you all!”


“Thank you so much to all the sponsors of IT Tender SACN, we have enjoyed ourselves so much. We ate so much good food and we hope that the retreat will happen again. Thank you to all the staff who worked so hard to help us enjoy ourselves and make each of us so happy.”


As a special treat for their families, the fathers cooked the main dish for our banquet night


“Many thanks, first of all to God who gave this wonderful time to each family and thanks to the IT Tender staff who did a good job entertaining us. We are happy because we could relax and spend time each day for family bonding. Thank you so much.”


Each family worked as a team for our “team building” activities


“For me this was a beautiful time. I am thankful because I was able to come here.”



The youth created decorations for our banquet night


“I am so happy because of the family retreat that you prepared. Thank you for giving me this time with my husband and children, and time away from my work. We were able to come together and not stress or worry about anything else. Because of your program we were able to have family bonding time. The three days here were so great for us and our children. Thank you so much.”


After a make-over session led by Jam, the mothers proudly strutted down the red carpet into the banquet




Thank you for your support and prayers! God bless you and your family.

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