01 Aug 2015
August 1, 2015

Christmas in the Summer

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IT Tender shares in the joys of the beneficiares of Sponsor-A-Child every step of their way. The new school year in Manila has just begun, and this is also the time when the sponsor children are given a chance to buy new school supplies together with their parents. The families from our communities cannot afford to buy all the things that are needed by their children for school. Sometimes they will just buy what they can – usually the most economical supplies which are low in quality. Most of the children use second-hand or third-hand bags or uniforms from their older siblings or neighbours. And so, purchasing brand new school supplies is like Christmas for the children. Some girls might pick “pink and cute” bags and umbrellas while many of the boys look forward to getting shiny, black school shoes. Parents say it really reminds them of the excitement their children experience upon receiving presents at Christmas.


“Ren” is excited to wear his new jogging pants for Physical Education.


“Ly” giggled with joy when showing her new school supplies.


Every school year, the children and their parents are celebrating because of God’s faithfulness for the continuous support they are receiving from their generous donors. We are always excited to meet many new faces, meaning new children are being sponsored each year in the program. This School Year 2015-2016, the program has 14 new beneficiaries, bringing our current number of sponsor children to 40. The new children are coming from the Food For Life, Nightlife and SLC Preschool Programs. IT Tender’s many programs initiate a relationship with street children, then the sponsorship program acts as the long-term intervention to achieve lasting transformation in the lives of these kids and youth. We are hoping to sponsor at least 15 children from each of the three communities where IT Tender is focusing: in Sucat, Alabang, and Putatan. We believe that helping empower 15 households can make a huge impact in the community. As of now, we are still praying to achieve this goal. We are hoping that more children will receive help in their education and more families will renew their faith knowing that they are not alone in achieving their dreams for their children.

Thank you for your prayers and support!


“Girle” – a new sponsor child – poses outside her family’s makeshift home


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