As you might guess, children in Manila love Disney just as much as children in the West.  …or even more, if possible. The street kids in our educational programs only dream of experiencing Disneyland. This Christmas, in the spirit of bringing joy and making dreams possible, we want to bring all of the children to Disneyland!

Yes, this seems like a near-impossible plan. However, we discovered that the trick is not necessarily to get them to Disneyland, but to get Disneyland to them. So on December 5th we’re throwing a Disney-themed party for the street kids. This is no small-time, backyard party. In fact, there will be a castle, appearances from Disney characters (who may look curiously like IT Tender staff), a feast fit for kings, and Christmas gifts (with toys, hygiene and school supplies). We will also share the true meaning of Christmas, about a kingdom much greater than Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” and a king who humbly came to earth as a baby in a manger.

1. get grachelle to disneyland

To pull off this epic feat and give our children the chance to experience Disneyland, we need your help! For every $5 donation a child will be able to join the party. Donate to IT Tender Ministries to share the joy this Christmas at or by emailing

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God bless you and your loved ones!

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