12 Mar 2016
March 12, 2016

Youth Find Freedom in Christ

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Article by Gabby Malquisto (Youth Teacher at IT Tender)

To set an example to others, people need to take a stand and make a difference. On the evening of February 25th, a group of youth raised their voices and stepped up to a once-in-a-lifetime decision…a decision to accept Christ in their lives as Lord and Saviour.

Once a month, IT Tender gathers the beneficiaries of Sponsor-A-Child for a time of fellowship and values teaching. From those meetings, a question arose in our minds: “Are they already saved?” From that question we come up with an opportunity to cultivate the youth. Thanks also to the support and assistance of a team from California led by Pastor Ellis & Frankie Pitman (from Extreme Response), we put on an overnight camp for all the youth from Sponsor-A-Child. “Freedom” became the theme of the camp, and a real freedom was experienced by the youth as they had opportunities to share and release their burdens and declare Jesus as the Lord of their lives.




On the morning of February 25th, we conducted a team-building exercise following by small group discussions about the “stepping stones” that lead to success in life. The American missionaries shared testimonies with the young people to encourage and enjoy fellowship with them. Later that afternoon the youth enjoyed some swimming and relaxation in the peaceful nature of “La Roca Resort” in Laguna. That evening, we continued the program with an evangelistic message, sharing the gospel of Christ with the youth and engaging deeply with their challenges and trials. At that point, the youth boldly decided to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and they did a “trust fall” exercise that symbolized their faith and trust in God.

Our hearts were so blessed to see the youth enjoy the camp, the beautiful resort and to take a stand to make a difference. We know God is not done yet, and as long as there are young people who are lost, IT Tender will continue on what God has called us for.







By Grace Alone

Article by Jizza Malquisto (Registered Social Worker at IT Tender)

Life is a matter of making choices and accepting the outcomes of one’s decisions. For more than four years since I surrendered my life to Jesus, I live and serve Him by His grace – through Him and for Him alone. Henceforth, serving the children and the communities is simply the output of His outpouring love for me. Looking back, I know there is a higher power who led me to take a narrower, more challenging path. I know I wouldn’t have survived without His favour and without the people He sent to me to help me and to guide me with their wisdom. I’ve learned that education not only provides opportunities for people to earn money but to also discover themselves and hopefully lead them to their destiny.

After the planning session we held last September, our team leader Kuya (“brother”) John Coffey made formal my role in the ministry as Program Manager. At first, there was hesitancy and doubt in my mind rooted in my insecurities knowing that there were many things in me that needed to develop. My experiences and knowledge are not enough to take this responsibility. Then, God reminded me that His grace is not merited by good works but because He is a loving God. He also sent someone to tell me that being a leader is not about having a higher position, but it’s just part of growing in service for God. I realized that I have been magnifying my insecurities instead of looking to Jesus who can make things possible through faith. And so, with a humble heart, I take on the new role of being the Program Manager of IT Tender. In order to be fully prepared for this new endeavour, I have applied to take up a Masters in Social Services and Development at the Asian Social Institute. I believe that this course will help achieve the growth I desire for myself and for the ministry. I would like to learn more and to develop my knowledge and skills, and ultimately help empower more children and families to overcome poverty. This is a step of faith to undertake, but by God’s grace it is possible.

Jizza with her kids from Sponsor-A-Child and Nightlife

How You Can Support This Dream:

A note from John Coffey (Director of IT Tender)

Three of our Filipino staff are pursuing degrees to become more effective in our programs at IT Tender. Gabby Malquisto is taking his Bachelor in High School Education, Cecille De Jesus is taking a Bachelor in Preschool Education, and as explained herself, Jizza Malquisto is praying to take up her Masters in Social Services and Development. We are raising $10,000 for these three staff to complete their degrees in an initiative we are calling “Send a Teacher to School”. Every donation, no matter how great or small, is another step towards our staff completing their education, which in turn empowers them to more effectively help a multitude of street children complete their education.

I urge you to join me in supporting these bold, inspiring Filipino missionaries in pursuing their dreams. Let’s send these teachers to school so they can become agents of change in the community and guide the street children with incredible effectiveness and expertise.

Click here to support the “Send a Teacher to School” initiative.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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