04 Jun 2016
June 4, 2016

Acoustic Transformation

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Acoustic Transformation – by Gabby Malquisto

“Hey buddy, want to learn music?” This was the invitation I was given from a friend back in 2004 – an invitation that without my knowing would change my whole life and lead me to become a follower of Christ. Today, many young people are led astray by what they see in their environment. IT Tender believes that if no one will disciple the youth, the world will.

Our team rediscovered the effective strategy of catching young people’s attention through music. Filipino youth love music. As a teen, I adored music as much as our youth do, so I knew this strategy could work. The Lord answered our prayer to provide enough guitars to lead a class of five students. Surprisingly, five students became ten. I’m now teaching music two days a week with two classes each day. My students learn the basic chords and proper methods of playing guitar while also learning discipline in Christian values. This approach through music lends well into discipleship groups. On Sundays the youth now join a Bible Study at our drop-in center at 1pm with discipling sessions at 3pm.

With regards to music, they may only be learning the basics and will continue learning. But the tremendous change is that they come to know Christ and to practice good disciplines in life.



Summer Reading Camp

Summertime for school children in the Philippines takes place in April and May. For those struggling with literacy, it’s the ideal time to get some extra help before the school year begins. For the second year we ran a Summer Reading Camp for these children in our three target communities. 70 children overall joined the program and also thoroughly enjoyed the graduation event we held on Friday, June 3rd. We want to thank Pat Robertson and the amazing volunteers from Concentrix (a call center agency) who joined the graduation to share their time, compassion and gifts of backpacks, school supplies and snacks.








Happy and Healthy Smiles – by Gabby Malquisto

For over a year, the partnership between “U! Happy Events” and IT Tender has been a great blessing. Hosting parties and giving street kids school supplies and food, ‘U! Happy” continues to bring smiles to our community. In May, they hosted a Dental Mission for 40 children at IT Tender. Filipinos are really known for their joyful and beautiful smiles. However, statistics reveal that almost 80% of Filipino children do not have regular visits to a dentist, which in the long run causes many problems for their teeth. IT Tender advocates for children and parents to be healthy inside and out.

Thanks to “U! Happy”, 40 of our children were able to have their teeth checked and cleaned. Six dentists volunteered for the mission and generously provided their labor and medicines for free. They also brought good food and school supplies for the kids. This is a big deal for the parents who cannot afford a dental check up for their child. We are thankful to partner with organizations and friends who can walk alongside us in reaching out to our community by God’s grace.




Family First – by Jizza Malquisto

As the summer temperatures get higher in Manila, the children’s excitement goes up as well. It’s Sponsor-A-Child’s “Family Day” once again, and we can hardly believe the sponsorship program is in it’s fifth year already. Praise God for His incredible faithfulness. For the annual Family Day event, over 180 children, youth and parents from 35 families flocked to a private resort situated at the top of a mall on April 30th, 2016.

The party started with some fun picture taking courtesy of a photobooth which provided picture souvenirs for each of the families. We enjoyed watching the families playing with wigs, hats, shades and other accessories while posing for the camera. Games were also facilitated at the event which brought the adventurous side out of the mothers and youth. Later in the afternoon, children lined up happily to get a cone of ice cream. After a day of swimming under the sun, the parents thanked the Tender team for giving them a chance to bond with their children and also to relax and have fun. The Family Day was indeed a treat to quench the heat brought on by the summer season.







Thank you for your prayers and support. God bless you!

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  1. How good to hear all the great things you are doing! The music lessons sound great Gabby – such an inroad to share about Jesus. seeing the pictures reminded me of our precious time with you last summer. we have not forgotten you.
    may God bless you as you serve Him – and may many families come to know and love Jesus.
    with love


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