06 Sep 2016
September 6, 2016

Educating the Educators

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Empowering the poor through education is the heart and vision of IT Tender. Urban poor children are empowered through our preschool, after-school tutoring, and the sponsorship program that covers the transportation and school supplies for children to attend public school. The long-term vision however is to one day establish a Christian private school for the urban poor.

Why go private? In public schools in Manila, the quality of education often suffers due to extremely high class sizes (up to 80 children in one classroom), poorly paid staff, and less accountability compared to private schools. Our belief is that all children deserve a high quality of education regardless of their socioeconomic background.

Of course, establishing our own K-12 school is no easy task. We must first research the feasibility, necessity, logistics, location and curriculum of said school. In the meantime, we also want to equip and prepare our staff for the day when this dream is realized. This is why IT Tender created the “Send A Teacher To School” initiative. This project helps Filipino staff at IT Tender to attain degrees in the fields of education and social services.

Cecille (above) and Gabby are both studying in university to attain degrees in preschool education and secondary education respectively. Although they have been teaching street kids and youth at IT Tender for years, we are equipping them to become licensed teachers. Jizza, the program manager and social worker of IT Tender (and wife of Gabby), is also pursuing higher education. She has just enrolled at the Asian Social Institute to take up her Masters in Social Services and Development. This type of qualification and training would be invaluable for an administrator at a private school for the poor.


Jizza at her new school where she is taking her Masters in Social Services and Development


Gabby, Cecille and Jizza are all able to pursue their degrees because of the “Send A Teacher To School” initiative which covers their tuition. One creative way to get involved and help this initiative is to join the “Ride For Refuge” taking place this October 1st. The Ride For Refuge is a fun, family-friendly biking and walking fundraiser that supports charities making a difference. It is held in multiple locations across North America and around the world. IT Tender is one of the charities that you can sign up to ride or walk for, or you can support a team that is riding for IT Tender. Those riding for and supporting IT Tender will be investing in the university education of our Filipino teachers, who in turn teach and invest in the lives of hundreds of street children.

This video explains what the “Ride For Refuge” is and how you can get involved in support of IT Tender:

Here are a few more snapshots of the first “Ride For Refuge” in the Philippines when the IT Tender staff laced up their shoes and put on their bike helmets to encourage and inspire those in North America to join the main Ride in October.




In other news, IT Tender has just opened up our “Educational Media Center” or EMC for the children and youth in our programs. An EMC is a library and computer lab for students to do research for school and to complete their assignments. Since most of our students typically have no access to the internet or even a computer, the EMC is a great help for them. We also offer free printing and photocopying for their school assignments.


Agatha prints a school assignment at the EMC


N’joy Ride – An Article by Cecille De Jesus

In July, our partners at U-Happy Events contacted us and presented an opportunity to bring 25 street children from IT Tender to the popular Filipino theme park Enchanted Kingdom. Children here dream of experiencing such a huge amusement park. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for them to enjoy the rides and attractions along with a handful of generous U-Happy volunteers sponsoring the event. All of the children were excited and couldn’t wait for the activity to start. Many arrived early, waiting in and around the IT Tender Center for the bus that would take us to Enchanted Kingdom. One child caught our attention waiting eagerly on the curb of the street for the bus.

All the children were amazed upon witnessing first-hand the sheer size and beauty of the amusement park. Big smiles and excited looks graced the face of each child as they hopped onto the rides with the volunteer staff accompanying them. They also enjoyed the meal prepared for them. All were giddy, energetic and never grew tired until the time came to leave the park. Wishing that the day wouldn’t end so they could do the rides again and again, the children enjoyed the park until the very last moment. Even today they still share memories and stories of the event.

Thank you U-Happy Events for giving our children the chance to enjoy such fun and memorable experiences at Enchanted Kingdom.





Thank you for reading and for all your support and prayers. God bless you and your loved ones!

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  1. Thanks John. Looks like IT tender is going strong through your efforts and the Lord’s.

    By the way, do you know if Gabby needs money for the next semester?



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