Even after a tragedy, life continues. We pick up the pieces and move forward. This is very difficult to do on your own. However, though scattered by the fire that took their homes, the Napacor community is still a community. Together, along with their “IT Tender family”, we can help each other plan and determine where and how each family can establish a new home in the wake of this tragedy.

Along with our social worker Jizza, we assisting each family in their plans for the future. We call this “follow-up intervention” – the next step following the initial giving of relief kits that met the families’ most urgent needs. Each family is now setting goals and sharing their plans with us for where they could live and how they will build their homes. We expect to be able to assist many of these families through livelihood projects or the rebuilding of homes. These families each come from varying levels of poverty, so while some may need our help building homes, others will be able to rent a humble home and may need help just with replacing lost school supplies for their children before the school year begins in June.

In the meantime, the government is paying for these families to rent simple rooms for the next couple months. We are truly grateful to work hand-in-hand with the department of social work and various organizations with the common goal of helping these families find new homes.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored relief kits for the families who lost their homes. We were able to give above and beyond what we initially planned, and families gratefully received the following:

-clothing (new and used)
-toys and stuffed animals for children
-food (rice, canned goods, noodles)
-diapers and formula for babies
-pillows, blankets, towels
-hygiene supplies (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid)
-sandals, shoes, bags
-small cash gifts for other needs they may have

We will also continue to do what we do best for the Napacor community. We will provide education for the children, even though this community will now become more spread out, living in different areas (though still nearby). Thanks to our educational programs, their schooling will continue in spite of the trials they have endured.

The quick and practical help of our supporters was an answer to prayer during the community’s greatest time of need. The following are some photos from the distribution of relief kits.

Prior to the fire and even afterwards, many programs and special events have taken place at IT Tender throughout “Filipino Summertime” from April-May. We continued our summer programs for all three communities (including Napacor). Our Summer Reading Camp (SRC) continues to be a hit, and children are excited to enhance their literacy while formal school is out. Jace, one of our youth whose education we are sponsoring, assisted Teacher Cecille at the SRC sessions throughout the summer.

Besides SRC, some of our most memorable summer moments came from the recent Family Retreat at a natural springs resort. Families from all three of our communities enjoyed swimming, games, food, counselling, and a worship service on the last day. This was a rare and cherished time for families to bond away from the stress and noise of their communities.

Here are some photos from this unforgettable 3-Day, 2-Night retreat:

One encouraging development at IT Tender of late has been the increase in youth volunteers. Many of the youth from our programs (i.e., Night LIfe, Sponsor-A-Child, etc) are now volunteering at IT Tender and giving back to the programs that have empowered and encouraged them. We are thus looking for ways to train them even further as leaders. ThIs is why we were grateful to partner with JKKCC (our local church) to send 11 of our brightest youth to their Youth Leadership Camp in April.

Besides the training sessions at the camp, our youth also had a lot of fun. Enjoy these photos from the Youth Leadership Camp:

Thank you for following along with our newsletter. We also thank you for your support and prayers, particularly with regards to our relief efforts for the Napacor community. God bless you and your loved ones.

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  1. It’s wonderful to see all that God is doing through your ministry. We will post some of your pictures on our Missions bulletin board and keep you in our prayers.


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